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Affordable clean water

"We strive to make water treatment affordable.
Our aim is to create lasting relationships with our customers.
We operate at the forefront of science and technology to develop even more affordable and sustainable solutions."


From initial filtration

To remove large waste particles, we use e.g. curved  screens and rotating drum filters. Flotation is used to separate fats, oils and solid particles smaller than 1 mm from the water. However, in many cases, coagulants, flocculants and neutralisers are needed to remove a higher percentage of pollutants from wastewater. Pollutants can be flocculated using a flocculator: this is a tubular reactor where chemicals are added to the wastewater under controlled circumstances.

To discharge

A combination of screens, flotation and  flocculation is very efficient when purifying wastewater to the required level. Our aerobic and anaerobic biological purification methods allow wastewater to be purified more thoroughly and also make it possible to use water or waste flows to generate energy. Disposable sludge flows are reduced wherever possible in order to keep total operating costs as low as possible. Thanks to our specific tertiary treatment methods, it is also possible to fully re-use all your wastewater.

Treatment at any requested level

Depending on your sector, your application and your requirements regarding the discharge of water, the processes applied for cleaning wastewater can be mechanical, physical, chemical or biological.

Redox Water Technology has a wide range of products available for the various types of wastewater treatment. All our units have been designed in such a way that they will maximally contribute to the treatment of your wastewater flows at the lowest possible operational costs.

Customised work that keeps the costs down

During the design phase, we keep a close eye on the costs and the efficiency. We are always looking for solutions that rely on standardization as much as possible. By applying standard Redox Water Technology products in specific custom solutions, the costs of these solutions can be reduced significantly.

Production and assembly

Your entire wastewater treatment system is manufactured, assembled and tested by Redox Water Technology in our own production facilities. We use our ultra modern machinery and employ highly qualified staff.
Because of our ISO certification and the Lean principle that we apply, you are assured that the production of your wastewater treatment system meets the most stringent criteria for quality and that costs are controlled.

Your business continuous as usual

Redox Water Technology often delivers the entire wastewater treatment system. The machines will be installed, tested and commissioned on your site by experienced technicians. Depending on the complexity, the installation takes anything from a few days to several weeks prior to installation, all machines are assembled in our production hall and tested extensively, so that the work on your site does not incur any unnecessary delays. This way, we ensure a smooth commissioning.


Careful comissioning

From the moment you start using your wastewater treatment system, it is of paramount importance that your employees can operate it well. Therefore, our machines are designed to be very user-friendly and easily accesible for maintenance work or any repairs. It goes without saying that the systems come with a detailed manual and we can also offer additional training for your employees

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If you need more information about our products and services, please contact our head office in Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

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