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Creating new wealth from waste

"We strive to create new wealth from waste. 
Our aim is to create lasting relationships with our customers.
We operate at the forefront of science and technology to develop even more affordable and sustainable solutions."


Knowledge of waste

Since the mid-nineties, we have been developing, producing and installing complete sorting lines for various waste streams. From these waste streams our sorting lines distill materials for a second phase of life, such as: different types of plastics, metal, wood, paper, sand or stone. Re-use of these materials ensures that fewer raw materials are needed and that less waste is thrown away uselessly.

More than 95%

As a total organization, we specialize in process engineering, project management and worldwide supply of sorting lines suitable for solid waste. Depending on your industry, the application and your recycling waste requirements, different sorting lines can be used. With the final result an exceptionally high percentage of processed waste that can be reused. In some cases, even more than 95%.


With our specialized knowledge and experience in varied industrial sectors, we have been working for numerous clients for many years. We have references in many key industrial sectors proccessing the following waste streams.

  • Construction and demolition and excavation site waste.
  • Organic waste and compost.
  • Packaging material and co-mingled waste.
  • Glass.
  • Alternative fuel production, RDF, SRF and biomass.

A Colubris brand

Redox Waste Recycling is a brand of Colubris Cleantech. And this works to your advantage, because with the knowledge and experience of Colubris we have all the necessary specialists in the field of designing and building the installations. Through this powerful combination of knowledge, we have a continuous technical advantage, with the best return and most intelligent techniques. The manufacturing process in our own modern factory ensures that the quality level is very high and is maintained. In close consultation with our client the most modern techniques are being used, while maintaining our high standards.

Production and assembly

Your whole line or unit will be fully produced, assembled and tested in our own production facilities in Winterswijk. This is possible thanks to extremely modern machinery and highly qualified employees. Our ISO certificate and the implemented LEAN principles make sure the highest quality norms are implemented when producing your unit. They also make sure costs always remain manageable

Service and spareparts

Our Service back-office offers technical support via a helpdesk and coordinates the availability of well qualifi ed maintenance engineers. Certain services can be acquired separately, including inspection and maintenance, spare parts and repairs, training and process monitoring. Customers can also opt for a service contract, which allows different activities to be combined and costs to be reduced.

Contact us

If you need more information about our products and services, please contact our head office in Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

Redox Waste Recycling B.V.

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7102 DZ Winterswijk
The Netherlands

T : +31 (0)543 55 13 64
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