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K-Pack Wastewater treatment systems and components

From The Netherlands, the installations are engineered and manufactured and the project management and the service coordinated. A worldwide network of agents ensures that we are represented everywhere.

This makes us a proven reliable partner worldwide for treating industrial wastewater. Each individual product has been developed in such a way  that, at the lowest possible operational costs, it achieves a maximum return for treatment for your wastewater flows.


Clean water

The importance of clean water for the ever growing world population, for nature and our environment is only increasing. K-Pack Water Technology is fully aware of this problem. For more than thirty years, we have been developing, producing and installing water treatment facilities. Even heavily polluted wastewater can be purified completely with our machines, so that the clean water can return to the natural cycle.

The right process

K-Pack Water Technology has been a global supplier of wastewater treatment facilities and components for more than thirty years. Our installations are suitable for primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary wastewater treatment. The plants are developed in our office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, where we also co-ordinate project management and service.

Treatment at very requested level

Depending on your sector, the application and your requirements with respect to discharging water, we use mechanical, physical and/or biological water treatment methods to clean up industrial wastewater. K-Pack Water Technology boasts a wide range of products for the various forms of wastewater treatment. Each individual product has been designed for the maximum purification of your wastewater streams at the lowest possible operational costs.

From screening

For pre-treatment, in order to remove large particles of waste we use curved screens or rotating drum screens for example. Fats, oils and solids smaller than 1 mm are separated from the water through flotation. However, in many cases coagulants, flocculents and neutralization agents are needed to remove a higher percentage of the pollutants from the water. Flocculation of the impurities is possible using a flocculator: a tubular reactor where chemicals are added to the wastewater under controlled conditions.

To re-use

The combination of screening, flotation and flocculation is a very efficient method to clean wastewater to the required level. With our continuous and discontinuous biological treatments, the wastewater is cleaned up even more thoroughly. These treatments are based on the active sludge principle. Active sludge consists of flocks of bacteria, also known as biomass, which break down the pollutants in an oxygen environment. This way, the treated wastewater is so clean that it could be discharged directly into a water course.

Contact us

If you need more information about our products and services, please contact our head office in Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

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