Let's team up for a more sustainable Indonesia

May 28

Colubris Cleantech is joining forces with the Partners for International Business (PIB) to participate in the NL - Indonesia Ecopark partnership.

The NL-Indonesia Ecopark partnership provides large scale, proven technologies that deliver a real and measurable impact – social and environmental – to solve Indonesia’s waste challenges. Indonesia generates over 105,000 tonnes of urban waste every day, with a mere 5% recycled.

With many of its landfills near capacity, Indonesia strives to cut its waste output 30% by 2025 and properly treat the remaining 70%. The Dutch NL Ecoparks cluster is eager to partner with Indonesia to help achieve its goal of a sustainable solid waste management system.

Click on the link if you want to know more about this project: https://www.nlecoparks.com.