The history of Colubris


The foundation of production company 'Redes Machinebouw & Constructie'. 
  1984 1984


The foundation of Redox Water Technology by G.W. van den Hurk, K. Pos and W. Riggelink. A global supplier of water and wastewater treatment systems.
  2001 2001


The foundation of Redox Waste Recycling, a specialist and supplier of advanced and highly qualified recycling systems. 
  2001 2001


The company Redes Machinebouw & Constructions changed her name in Redox Production and functioned as a production factory for the sister companies Redox Water Technology and Redox Waste Recycling.
  2005 2005


The company Ingenieursbureau Schneider in Terborg of Joop and Antoinette Schneider was taken over by the parent company Redes Beheer. Schneider has over 40 years of experience in water purification in the food sector.
  2007 2007


UCY Waste-Water to Energy was founded by G.W. van den Hurk from a project to generate energy from a wastewater process. This project was in collaboration with Johan Verink of UCI.

  2008 2008


25th anniversary of the parent company Redes Beheer B.V. The parent company changed her name to 'Colubris Environment B.V.' 
  2009 2009


Later that year, the company K-Pack Water Technology from Maarssen was taken over. This company is a worldwide supplier of wastewater purification systems, that later moved to Amersfoort. 
  2009 2009


The production company changed her name in Colubris Technologies.
  2010 2010


The parent company changed her name in Colubris Cleantech. 
At this moment Colubris Cleantech consists of five brands, each specialized in their own field of cleantech solutions:
  • Redox Water Technology
  • Redox Waste Recycling
  • Ingenieursbureau Schneider
  • K-Pack Water Technology
  • UCY Waste-Water to Energy 
All our products are designed and manufactured in our factory Colubris Technologies. 2018
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